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Make every sunny day a happy day with these bath & hair essentials from Crazy Owl. The Complete Head to Toe Wash Pack has best sellers -Date Seed Oil Shampoo, Date Seed Oil Conditioner and Mint & Tea Tree Body Wash. Suitable for all skin and hair types, this ultimate Combo Pack is vegan, plant based, cruelty and toxin free.   

This set Includes - 

Date Seed Oil Shampoo (300ml):  MRP Rs 499
A special blend of 6 plants-based extracts like aloe vera, dates, rosemary leaf, water cress, silver linden, sage leaf that nourish and strengthen hair. Rosemary leaf extract improves hair thickness and hair growth, prevents premature greying. Date seed oil consists of Omega-6 fatty acids, which provides nourishment to the scalp and helps retaining moisture and shine in hair. It also helps strengthen the hair by protecting it from free radicals and effectively curb hair loss.

Date Seed Oil Conditioner (300ml): MRP Rs 499
Date seed oil conditioner is made using plant based conditioning actives. It is enriched with plant proteins- coconut milk and pea to provide shine, strength to hair and prevent them from fizziness. Coconut milk proteins and plant derived keratin present in it create a protective shield against environmental residue, revealing stronger, shinier-looking hair.

Mint & Tea Tree Body Wash (250ml):  MRP Rs 399
Mint and Tea Tree body wash combines the invigorating energy of a mint shower gel with the famous healing power of a tea tree shower gel. Feel an energizing and revitalizing experience where rejuvenating mint meets the power of tea tree. You'll love the way your skin feels with this rich, gel-based body wash. 

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