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Crazy Owl Honored with Femina Power Brands Award
Honored with the esteemed Femina Power Brands Award for Brand Excellence 2022-23.
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Gifting Ideas for Valentine’s Day
Gifting FAQs What Are The Valentines Gift Rules? Although there are no specific rules to buying Valentine gifts, one must remember the basic rules ...
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This Christmas season, spread cheer with Crazy Owl’s gift sets.
This Christmas season, spread cheer with Crazy Owl’s gift sets.   Christmas is all about pamper yourself or your loved ones with the luxurious and...
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A promising source of oil for healthy hair
Your hair withstands a great deal of stress everyday. Various factors ranging from pollution to humidity can cause hair damage. A lesser known secr...
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Treat itchy scalp with Witch Hazel
Have you ever googled ‘how to get rid of dandruff’ while simultaneously panic-dialing your mom for dandruff-banishing  home remedies? Yup, same. Tr...
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Unwind with that Body wash
Life is hard as it is! Between working for hours and working out regularly, our body loses more than energy. It loses freshness, natural glow and b...
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Your go to guide for fragrances
Finding a scent you love can be challenging, but if you know what you’re looking for, and how to look for it, the experience can be enjoyable, espe...
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Time to tame those fizzy locks
Frizzy hair. We've all been there and we all know the struggle. Almost everyone has experienced that moment where you catch a glimpse of yourself o...
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