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Owl For All

Scents we wear and the products we use is one of the most creative forms of self-expression, it is somewhat surprising that so many brands categorise their brands into two genders. 
The problematic nature that society puts on traditional gender norms isn't a niche anymore - it's becoming part of the conversation. The growing awareness of the spectrum of gender identities has begun to deconstruct the silos between male and female-coded products.
At Crazy Owl - Your Skin Co.we don’t subscribe to traditional gender labels but believe in elevating the power of scents instead with our range of personal care. 
Today, men and women are not looking for products specifically for their gender, but simply efficient, cleaner formulas based on effectiveness with no difference in scent, packaging or name, and this is simply because efficacy has no gender.
With Crazy Owl, you’re buying into gender neutrality, diversity, inclusiveness, and the idea that we are all the same yet different in our ways. 
We are happy to share #OwlForAll with the idea to build a community shedding stereotypes by being authentic and true to yourself.
Get your dancing shoes on to shun stereotypes and accepts the original you.
Follow the rules to win a gift card worth INR 300
Dance to the beats of Crazy Owl - OwlForAll Song
Upload a reel of your crazy moves
Tag your 5 friends to participate
Use #OwlForAll #OwlForAllChallenge #GenderNeutral #Vegan #CrueltyFree #NewAge #BreakTheStereotype
Let's cruise towards a brave, new, gender-neutral world of PERSONAL CARE.
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