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Crazy Owl Fashion Oud 100ml: This perfume is a carefully curated perfume for those who want to make an exotic statement with style. The fragrance is decorated with top notes of fresh bergamot, clove and spices. Cyprial, rose and leather forms the heart of the fragrance. The base features a rich and forceful blend of musk, patchouli coupled with amber olfactive.

Long Lasting Fragrance: The base notes of the fragrance are what supports the top and middle notes which give delicate hint of musk, patchouli coupled with amber olfactive to enhance the sustainability and longevity of the fragrance.

Every Crazy Owl fragrance is made with a commitment to quality and eco-consciousness.

Floral Musky Fragrance: Crazy Owl's Fashion Oud Eau de parfum is a spicy oriental fragrance that conscientiously blends powerful notes for an alluring aroma. Opening with silken top notes of fresh bergamot, clove and spices, it pervades to a bouquet of delicate and dewy roses, Cyprian and leather at the heart. Wrap yourself in the exotic oriental scent to suspend time and lose yourself in the depth of here and now.

The fragrances used are IFRA certified and skin safe. All fragrances are gender fluid fragrance.

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