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Our Mango Mania body wash will leave you feeling more fresh, fruity and brighten up your complexion removing old dull cells on the skin's surface. Feel a replenishing and moisturizing experience. You'll love the way your skin feels with this light, gel-based body wash. 

Reasons to Love:

Consciously Crafted:

Crazy Owl is vegan, plant based, cruelty free, sulphate free, and paraben free. Made with skin safe ingredients, 99% pure glycerin, 100% soap free, and pH balanced.

Plant Based:

Coconut-based emollients helps to retain moisture of the skin to make it softer, smoother and supple.

Lathers up nicely, helps in removing deep-seated dirt from the skin.

Leaves skin fresh, moisturized and delicately scented.

Soothing Fragrance:

Our fragrances are IFRA certified and enriched with natural oils. From captivating your senses with its enchanting fragrance, to cleansing, our exquisitely fragrant body wash transforms every shower into a soothing experience reconnecting you with nature. Add a splash of happiness to your daily lives

Perfect For:  Thoughtfully curated for all skin types. An aromatic body wash that is gentle enough for everyday use.

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